• U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – National Guard Training Center, New Jersey

    620 kW parking canopy solar system.

    Legatus6 constructed a 620kw canopy-mounted array for the US Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE) at the Sea Girt National Guard Training Center in New Jersey. Legatus6 was awarded the prime contract for the construction of the array under a design-build contract.  Originally, the RFP called for an extension of an existing PV array and the construction of a new array, but through updating the design in the RFP and condensing the project into a single array, Legatus6 was able to increase the system size by almost 120kW and the power output by 20% without an increase in cost to the government.  Among the challenges faced by Legatus6 was sandy soil conditions for the deep foundations system and very high water table due to the proximity to oceanfront.  This required Legatus6 to install temporary steel casings for the 17 foot-deep foundations and to ‘tremie’ in the concrete, displacing the groundwater as the concrete was placed.  Legatus6 executed this construction method flawlessly, and encountered no problems despite the challenging conditions. Legatus6 was also responsible for designing and installing a medium-voltage tie-in for the project at 12.5kV using a dedicated step-up transformer for the solar array. The project is currently operational.