• Supply Support Services – National Institutes of Health

    Warehousing, procurement, materials management


    Legatus6 provided procurement, warehousing, loading/unloading, and tracking of maintenance materials for NIH through its Subcontract to Nangwik Services.


    • Contracting Organization: National Institutes of Health – Real Property Management Office
    • Total Contract Value: $ 2,000,000 (Services only).  An additional $5M per year of material was purchased through the contract.
    • Period of Performance: 2008 through 2013 (The contract was converted to a government operation in 2013.)


    Purchasing:  Legatus6 had a buyer responsible for researching required material, locating an appropriate supplier, and initiating the purchase.  We found replacement parts for a wide variety of specialized systems in NIH’s research laboratories and clinics.


    Warehouse Operations:  Legatus6 staffed the warehouse at NIH’s Bethesda campus.  This warehouse provided maintenance material for all 350 medical and research facilities on campus.  Our staff members were responsible for customer service, receiving, disbursing, and warehouse stocking.


    Asset Tracking:  Legatus6 tracked the disposition of every item procured, warehoused, and disbursed for NIH.  We tracked where each item was installed (i.e. installed at which location, on which piece of equipment, in which building) using WASP inventory and asset tracking software.


    Information Integration:  Legatus6 managed the integration of information from the NIH maintenance management system MS2000, the master supplier MSC Industrial, and the contract’s WASP inventory system.  Legatus6 first integrated the data manually and the automated the process through a cXML punch-out integration.  Legatus6 had overall responsibility for the integration and coordinated with the NIH IT organization.