• National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

    1,750 kW Ground-Mounted Solar System


    Project Customer:   NASA –  Kennedy Space Center, Florida

    Project Size: 1.75 MW (1,750 kW)

    Project Investment: $5,267,565.00


    Legatus6 is currently constructing a 1.75 MW ground-mounted solar plant at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center (KSC) as the prime contractor.  Responsibilities include connection to NASA’s medium voltage network.  At the substation that NASA owns and operates, KSC is served by 3 incoming 115 kV lines from the utility, Florida Power and Light.  Legatus6 revised and updated the design originally provided by NASA, including a 5-way pad-mounted dielectric-insulated MV switch at 13.2 kV, containing 4 Vacuum Fault Interrupters for the solar array. The transformers have a dedicated circuit in the VFI for independent control. Legatus6 is responsible for designing, procuring and installing relaying equipment from Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL).  The SEL equipment will interface with existing NASA network and provide relaying.