• Roof-Mounted Solar System – National Institute of Health (NIH)

    Roof-mounted solar system providing renewable energy to the Porter Neuroscience Research Center (PNRCII)

    Legatus6 constructed a 300 kW rooftop-mounted solar array at the NIH campus in Bethesda, MD.  The array consists of 920 Sunpower E20 modules which are the highest efficiency commercially available module on the market.  Though solar was included in the building specifications, Legatus6 was responsible for producing electrical and structural design drawings, which were self-performed.  Among the challenges faced were the height of the building (over 110’) and the location of the inverters in the finished building which required special rigging to accommodate.  In addition, Legatus6 engineered the inverter data monitoring system to interface with the building data acquisition system so that the PV array can be monitored on the same platform as other building function.